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Every time we visited we were amazed and delighted by the genuine pleasure and enthusiasm from the whole team, a six month long, truly two-way discussion that ended up with the boat we always wanted. We started as customers, became colleagues and ended up as friends.


— Ru & Eliza

Boat 286,



We bought two boats from Stokeboats, needed for our large family. We are now enjoying our second summer cruising, the designs have worked well and the boats have proved reliable and well built. Also proving gratifying are the nice comments always received from onlookers.


— Tim & Fiona


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Boats 287 & 289,



I was looking for a company which had the capability to create a top specification narrowboat right the way through from sheets of steel to a fully fitted boat. I had some knowledge but needed advice on many points from someone I could respect and trust. Financial security of the company was also a consideration.


Mike and his team fulfilled all of these needs and exceeded expectation. I was, and remain, absolutely delighted with the quality, care and attention to detail demonstrated throughout the whole exercise.  Also important to me was the fact that the relationship with the whole team was most enjoyable and stress free.


— David

Boat 288,



Mike and the team at Stokeboats made our dream narrowboat into a reality. From the arrival of the steel on site to the final launch we had a good, honest working relationship which resulted in making the right decisions along the way and the finished product being the highest quality to match our requirements.


— Laurie & Jill

Boat 291,